About wholesale sales

We make Japanese-made daily necessities that fit the current life

and feel that we are needed for Japan now.

That is why we hope that you will use our products happily

and make it a "new ordinary" Japan's daily necessities.

With that in mind, we are looking for a new dealer.

The basic conditions concerning dealings are as follows.

About wholesale transaction conditions

We value the relationship with the retail store who deals with the product.

Therefore, we avoid avoiding products being purchased everywhere.

For the wholesale sales conditions, we set the basic conditions as follows as below.

I am sorry indeed, please understand in advance.


① Because of sales area adjustment with existing retail stores,

we may not conduct new transactions.

We have confirmed the batting of the area, we will contact you shortly.

② We will limit it to retail stores that are open more than 5 days a week,

and more than 7 hours a day.

③ In principle, we will limit it to retail stores with real stores.

Regarding retail shops with online shops only,

only wholesale stores with a business year of 5 years

or more are eligible for wholesale sale.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Customers who agreed to the above transaction terms,

please consult us from the URL below.